Lower Derwent Flood Risk Management Strategy Public Consultation

The public consultation for the lower derwent flood risk area (that’s us!!!) is to be held soon. Below is an email I have received:

Between the 10 September and 10 December 2008 we will be carrying out a public consultation for the Lower Derwent Flood Risk Management Strategy.

You are invited to come to a stakeholder workshop where we will be launching the consultation on Wednesday 10 September in the Darwin Suite of the Assembly Rooms in Derby. A map and directions are attached.

At this workshop we will be giving a presentation outlining the proposed Lower Derwent Flood Risk Management Strategy which will be followed by a question and answer session. We anticipate that the Environment Agency East Area Manager, Sarah Fowler, will be present.

We are keen to receive feedback and one of the aims of the meeting will be to see how we can get our key messages across to the public. Subsequently we will hold a series of public exhibitions and surgeries where we will be able to respond to specific issues.

We would like you to attend this workshop as a stakeholder for the Lower Derwent Flood Risk Management Strategy. Please could you confirm if you can attend this workshop and the names and number of people attending from your organisation by 8th August 2008. For your information we have attached a list of organisations and contacts who have been invited to the workshop.

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