John Lombe Drive

We have been liaising with Derby Homes for the past fourteen months to try and get the area around the small car park in John Lombe Drive smartened up. We were expecting this to be carried out by September last year, but have now been informed that it will not be completed until 2009 when all the areas owned by Derby Homes in Chester Green will be looked at

2 thoughts on “John Lombe Drive

  1. I have just spent quite a while typing in comments on this news item only for then to have to set up a blogger account. In going back I now find I have lost all my original text! What a crap arrangement this is. Why can’t this be done before leaving comments?
    Brian Perry

  2. I’m sorry about this. The registration with Blogger is necessary in order to stop the site getting full of spam. Blogging (the way I keep the site up to date) has a massive problem with it, unfortunately, and registration is the only way to stop it at present!

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