Lib. Dems. Blackout Article

The Blackout article in the latest Lib. Dems. leaflet caught many of us by surprise. All of the comments we have received abouts the new lights are complementary, and all have prefferred the victorian look which fits in with a victorian conservation area well!

When the councillors were approached at their last surgery (in the church hall) we did receive an apology for the inclusion of this article. Following our survey of the residents of Chester Green Road, none had complained to the Liberal Democrats about the lamps. Apparently only one person had complained about the lights that did not live on Chester Green Road! Clearly our councillors hadn’t achevied anything this quarter for the residents of Chester Green and so jumped on the first complaint they got!

We are now pressing ahead to try and get these lamp tops installed at the other end of Chester Green Road and St. Paul’s Road following, of course, a survey in the very near future to make sure these are what the residents do definitely want.

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