2 thoughts on “LCRA February Newsletter

  1. Hi LCRA, just wondered if anyone has noticed the increase in traffic cutting through Chester Green since traffic calming measures on Mansfield Road were introduced? I reported a motorist going the wrong way along Old Chester road (this was apparently deliberate) this eve and phoned the 101 police number with registration but they weren’t interested.
    I’ve spoken to a few people and they also feel fed up with this.
    Just wanted to raise this issue…again.
    Thanks for being active.

    • Hi jill. Thanks for your message. Can you give me a few more details so can bring it up at our next meeting? Which traffic calming measures on Mansfield Road do you mean? Or do you mean the traffic calming on the one way portion of Old Chester Road? Cars going the wrong way there has always been a problem. I think one reason for that redesign was to help deter that (many used to use the excuse that they didn’t realise it was one way, as far as I remember)



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