LCRA June Newsletter

Ahem….sorry I’m a bit late! The June newsletter will have been delivered to your house a week or so ago, but here it is again for your digital viewing pleasure.

There are a few events this month. The Community Centre has the Family Fun Night on Saturday 15th June. Bar and Tuck shop open, and a very good value family night out… come along 🙂

Also at the community centre is the Quiz night with the infamous Rhian as the quiz master. This is always great fun, and with many different rounds. This quiz is more suited to adults….a Family quiz night (with rounds better suited for all ages) will be in September!

There’s the residents associations update on the flood defences and the council’s Aida factory plans (did you see our chairman on BBC News yesterday?). The Car Heritage proposal is still fighting to get the council to listen to them. More news as soon as we get it via the facebook page.

The popular Picnic on the Green event is on Sunday 7th July….put it in your diaries!

All this, and more, can be found in this month’s newsletter, download below:

Latest Letter Regarding Aida Factory Redevelopment

Here’s a copy of our latest letter to the Council regarding flood defences and the Aida factory…..

Sent to Carole Mills (Council Chief Executive)
Cc’ed to Chris Poulter (Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategy and Policy)
Matthew Holmes (Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategy and Policy)
Paul Clarke (Head of Planning and Chief Planning Officer)
Jonathan Smale (Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride)
Martin Repton (Local Cllr) 
Lisa Eldret (Local Cllr)
Jack Stanton (Local Cllr)

“Dear Carole

As Chair of the Little Chester Residents Association I have just become aware from OCOR, that the package 1 flood defences designed to protect Derby City are being built to a 1 in a 100 + 5% climate change allowance specification, and not to the 1 in 100 + 30% c.c.a. specification that the Environment Agency (EA) currently recommend.
Defences built to the 1 in 100 + 5% spec. were over topped causing flooding in other parts of the country in 2015 eg Keswick,York.
Hence the reason the EA amended the recommended specification.
Please could you confirm why the decision was taken by DCC to continue to build the package 1 flood defenses to a spec that was breached in 2015?

This brings further into question,the current DCC Housing Regeneration strategy to build housing on the former Aida site on City Rd, Chester Green, which is located next to the river on low ground to the east side of the Derwent.
The EA previously objected on flood risk grounds to a Miller Homes’ application to build housing on the former Aida site and it was withdrawn.
The EA only withdrew their initial objections to Prime Construction’s application in 2018 to build offices on City Rd, on the east side of, and next to the Derwent, because it was for a less vulnerable non residential proposal.
The EA have recently objected on flood risk grounds to an application to build housing on the nearby Waterside Inn site, also on the east side of and next to the Derwent.
The EA commented in their objection to the Waterside Inn application:

“Areas behind flood defences are at particular risk from rapid onset of fast-flowing and deep water flooding, with little or no warning if defences are breached”.

“the new OCOR hydraulic modeling shows that in a 1 in 100 year event including a 30% climate change allowance, the defenses would over top and this could result in flooding of depths of up to 0.73m”.

Derby City Council objected commenting:

“As an authority, we are continually investing in schemes that remove people from flood risk. This development would do the opposite and introduce additional people to risk”.

Despite all these objections by the EA to residential development on the low ground on the east side of, and close to the river Derwent, DCC Housing Regeneration officers still maintain they can design a scheme which the EA will approve as safe for residents and emergency services.They cite EA approval to applications for sites on higher ground on the west side of the Derwent as evidence, but those sites have safe egress/access routes to higher ground which is not the case for the Aida site.

Housing Regeneration officers say they will only be able to obtain a judgement from the EA on flood risk once they have designed and submitted a detailed planning application.The initial proposals officers instructed architects to design for the Aida site did not address either safe egress/access or prohibition of ground floor habitation so were a waste of time and money.By the time detailed proposals are finalised by DCC, Great Northern Classics who have submitted an alternative proposal for a less vulnerable non residential Heritage Vehicle Training Centre, will have reluctantly been forced to take their scheme to an alternative site outside of Derbyshire.(though if a prompt decision were to be made their proposal may not be lost)

If as looks highly likely, the EA were to maintain an objection to housing development on the Aida site which is in Flood Risk Zone 3a, DCC would have to appeal to the Secretary of State.

Due to the serious nature of the concerns please could you confirm:
Why the decision was taken by DCC to continue to build the package 1 flood defences to a specification that was breached in 2015?.
Whether and why you support housing development on the former Aida site, when this will introduce additional residents and emergency services to flood risk and danger?.
Whether you share our concerns that if housing development on the former Aida site were to be prohibited and DCC having rejected GNC proposals for a less vulnerable non residential Heritage Vehicle Training scheme, that this site with its many constraints, is unlikely to be developed and likely to remain derelict in the future at great cost to DCC?.
In light of the recent A52/Wyvern scheme issues, where incorrect council officer advice has proven to be extremely costly and the Grenfell Tower case, where a local authority’s planning approval of unsafe development resulted in fatalities and put emergency services at risk,I would ask that you urgently review both of DCC’s decisions to reject GNC’s non residential proposal and to continue to progress an unsafe housing scheme on the former Aida site.

Due to the urgency and serious nature of the concerns I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Meehan
Little Chester Residents Association”

Open Letter from a Resident about Shutters!

Today, we received an open letter from a resident of Chester Green. They asked if we could share it, so here it is! These views do not, necessarily, match those of the residents association (we’re not sure why the Council is targeting the best looking shop frontage in Chester Green!), but if we all agreed on everything, the world would be a less interesting place. It’s difficult to disagree with the points raised, though…..

“There has been a lot of comment about the shutters on Robert Ashley Barbers, and whether they should be allowed to be retained.

I appreciate that this is a very difficult and emotive issue, and I would like to state immediately that I think that visually the shutters look perfectly acceptable.

However, the matter is a lot more complicated and important than the appearance of one shop.

Chester Green is a conservation area. The vast majority of the community of Chester Green support this, and are pleased to live in this pleasant area full of character. A conservation area requires all of us to ensure that any alterations to our property conform to rules regarding materials and design, and any changes to the property fronting the road have to be approved by the planning department of Derby City Council and the Conservation Area Advisory Committee. In 2009 the Little Chester Residents Association helped the Council to publish guidelines for residents and businesses within conservation areas, and these are freely available on the Council website.

The shutters on Robert Ashley’s were installed without planning permission,  and were installed after they were warned that they would be in breach of planning regulations.  A number of other businesses have installed shutters without permission, some of which are significantly less attractive. If Robert Ashley is allowed to keep his, how will the Council then be able to enforce  removal of the other offenders? It cannot. If the Council cannot enforce compliance of the planning rules in this case, how can it ensure that the character of the area is retained at all? 

As I said at the beginning , this is a very difficult matter, but I believe that the core issue is whether we want to retain the character of Chester Green or whether the concept of a conservation area should be completely abandoned. 

Mark Davis”

LCRA April Newsletter 2019

Apologies for the delay, but if you’ve been following our facebook page, you’ll have seen plenty of updates regarding the Heritage Car proposal for the Aida factory site. The council have turned down the proposal, with no details officially given as yet. We’re still in contact with local councillors, the car heritage company, and councillors and we haven’t given up yet! More as we get it….

Lots more in the newsletter, too, including a family quiz night at the Community Centre (26th April), a free coffee morning at the community centre (10th and 24th April), more on the Fashion Show in May, and lots of other information!

March Newsletter and Aida Development News

Below is this month’s Newsletter, which will be winging it’s way to you very soon. All the usual news and information, but there is also a new, potential option for the redevelopment of the Aida factory on City Road. We’ve now got permission to share the promo video, so do please have a look. Comments welcome!

The community centre will have a family Quiz night on Friday 5th April, which is always a good night. The last quiz was very popular, so do come along. Children welcome, and rounds for all ages!

Also, do save the date for Chester Green Event Teams 2nd annual fashion show (all proceeds going to this year’s Picnic on the Green event)! It was a great event last year, and will be on Friday 3rd May, 2019

LCRA February Newsletter

Below is the February newsletter from the Residents Association. Lots of useful information, as always, and note there’s a quiz night and a family disco at the Community Centre in February. Do note the car parking charge letters that have been sent out in error, by the council (parking permits are STILL FREE in Chester Green!).

Anyone got any good pictures of Chester Green in the snow? Feel free to post them in the comments – let’s see Chester Green looking gorgeous!

St Paul’s Road, Chester Green (2019)
Chester Green Road (2018)

LCRA December Newsletter!

Well, it’s the month of Christmas, so here’s everything that’s going on in Chester Green over the festive period!  I’ve also attached the November newsletter, as I forgot last month!

We’ve got the excellent XMas window trail, where over 50 windows are taking part.  Spot the XMas pudding to be put into a draw to win a prize draw.

There’s the Christingle service on Sunday 2nd December at 4pm (St Paul’s) and the excellent Carol service (with live brass band….not to be missed!) on 16th December at 7pm.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church also have a Carol Service on 14th December at 6.30pm.

Lots of other news and info, attached below!

LCRA December 2018 Newsletter
LCRA November 2018 Newsletter
Chester Green XMas Window Trail PDF


LCRA October 2018 Newsletter

Below is this month’s newsletter….and what an exciting month October is going to be!

6th October, there’s a circus skills workshop at the Community Centre with the awesome Chango Fuego (  This is not to be missed and will be great fun for all ages!

There’s also a quiz night on the 12th, and the now infamous Halloween Disco on 27th.

Sunday October 7th is your last chance to visit the Little Chester Heritage Centre (open 2pm – 4pm at St. Paul’s Church).  If you’ve never been, do pop in and have a look!  It’ll be closed after this until April!

The big news this month is that the Council are planning on developing the former Aida Bliss factory site themselves.  Their current plan is to develop predominately Council/Social Housing on the site with none, or very view, available for private sale…..  (we’ve had an introductory meeting with Ian Fullagar, Head of Strategic Housing for Derby City Council and Chris Morgan, Principal Regeneration Manager).  However, they are about to start ‘consultation’ with local residents and groups.  Plenty are currently airing their views on the Facebook page….do come in and get involved (or leave comments on this website)!  We’re currently in discussions with the council regarding how the official consultation will be carried out, and also exactly what their plans will be….so watch this space!  More details when we have them.

LCRA October 2018 Newsletter

August & September Newsletters

I seem to be posting these in pairs, now!  Below are the August and September Newsletters.  You’ll have already received August’s, and September’s is on it’s way!  Do have a look!  Comments always welcome!

August 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

June and July Newsletters

I’m afraid I’ve taken my eye off the ball, somewhat, and forgotten to upload the last two newsletters!  My apologies.  You will have all received the printed copies some time ago, but here are the electronic versions!

LCRA June 2018 Newsletter

LCRA July 2018 Newsletter