MARV Films in Chester Green

Well, filming by MARV films is finished in Little Chester and by the time I’ve finished writing this, I suspect there’ll be little sign that they’ve been. It was great to see Haslam’s Union Foundry/Aida Factory back in use and lit up, and it feels like the impact of the road closure and displaced cars was well managed (even opening up earlier than expected on Tuesday afternoon). The MARV staff were friendly, and although pedestrian access to the bridge was stopped now and then for filming, it was only for a few minutes each time, and I know I was able to use this as my usual route to and from work, and while walking the dog without issue 🙂

I think the most exciting thing about this venture is that it’s the first concrete example of the new use of the building, and great to see Damien Walters/MARV are serious about this new venture. We look forward to seeing what the plans for the building will be. Exciting times are ahead for Little Chester!

There’s a great summary in this feature by BBC:

Here’s a taste of some of the action:

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