Miller Homes Pull Out of Appeal

Miller homes have dropped their appeal against the councils ‘non-determination’ of their planning application. However, we believe that they are still continuing with their application and that are going to submit some more plans that contain minimal changes. This is unconfirmed, however. As always, we must wait and see. Hopefully our objection letters have not been wasted………

Recycle Centre Coming, Wheelie Bins Delayed…..

The wheelie bins that Chester Green were to receive for recyclable material have been delayed. This is due to the fact that the council recognises that this scheme could be problamatic for those in terraced houses (the majority!) as the bins will take up too much room. They are now piloting a new scheme in Normanton using different containers and so will await its outcome. In the meantime, a recycling centre is to setup behind Chester Green Road (where the garages are) so we can still recycle our waste there. Contrary to popular belief (there have been many rumours!) the large conifer like trees there are not going to be pruned or cut down! Also, streetcare are looking for a 2nd site for a recycling centre and want to hear your views. You can email streetcare at addressing it to Jim Naismith.