April 2021 Newsletter

After a month off (a slow news month, it would seem!), below is the jam-packed April Newsletter. Details on the excellent work of some Chester Green volunteers have done in the upcycling of the planters on the corner of City Road/Old Chester Road, our suggested proposals for the car parking consultation in Chester Green (which should be happening soon…we’re trying to get information from the council on this!), news about the Cricket Pavillion restoration, an Easter real-life Church service, the monthly book exchange and much, much more! Click below for the electronic version. The printed version should be with you all soon (I pick them up tomorrow!)

News just in!. We’ve had a few residents starting to be charged, again, for parking permits which should still be free. I’ve just had this email after chasing this with the council as MiPermit still had the expiration of the free permits as March 2021:

“The expiry date provided by MiPermit will be what they have on record from last year when we extended the scheme for another year. I can confirm that the scheme will continue to be free of charge until the public consultation has been carried out and decision has been made on whether the scheme will continue or not.It is my understanding that the consultation will take place within the next couple of months, but, until then I have emailed MiPermit to ask them to update their records and to extend the free period until 31st March 2022.”

Email from Ian Clarke, 29th March, 2021