Feb 2022 Newsletter – Haslam’s Foundry Plans!

This month’s newsletter is now out (paper copies coming ASAP). It’s all about the Haslam’s Foundry Council Home development this month. The council have released their plans regarding this site.

As plans are now emerging, and consultations open, for 75 Council Homes to be built on the site of Haslam’s Foundry (Aida/Bliss factory), we’ve got announcements from both the council and concerned residents.

The council turned down the Car Heritage proposal for the site (which is now happening in Sinfin https://www.greatnorthernclassics.co.uk/) with the petition of 500 names to reconsider this falling on deaf ears at the council. They have since discovered it’s going to cost at least an extra £4 Million to develop the site for council housing so it’s time to start finding out if they’ve made the right decision (especially as the spend has not yet been agreed by the council)! The plans, and the council’s consultation can be found at the link below:


Here’s a link to the full newsletter: