Coach and Horses Raise Lots of Cash for Rainbos

As reported in the evening telegraph here, regulars from the Coach and Horses dressed up and lost hair for charity. So far they have collected £1500….well done!

They are also planning a sponsored bike ride to Skegness (or thereabouts) soon, so if you want to get involved, pop in and talk to Jeff or Kate.

Police Liason Meeting – Tuesday, 31st January 2006 at 7pm

“Are you concernedabout anti-social behaviour, graffiti, crime, parking or speeding issues? This is an opportunity for the community to work with the local neighbourhood policing team to address these issues.”

The meeting is to be held at St Pauls Church Hall, Chester Green (for the 1st time, I think), so do come along if you are interested in any of the matters mentioned above (or any others!), or if you just want to meet our new(ish) local bobby!