Beautiful Pics of Parkers Piece and Darley Playing Fields!

Always good to see nice pics of Chester Green and the surrounding area.  These two are particularly great by Dave P on Instagram!



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Speed Calming Help

I received this message from a local resident.  If you’re interesting in helping with speed calming, please have a read!

Myself and some other volunteers have kindly been trained up by PC Ali Mudasar to assist with the local Community Speed Watches.

We have done a session on City Road and yes, lots of people were speeding – even with us stood there, clearly identified, in high visibility vests, pointing the speed gun at them, with a Police Officer at our side, they were still speeding…  even when they thought they’d slowed down enough!  To top it off, even the Council’s StreetPride vehicles were speeding (in fact, they continue to be some of the worst offenders.)  20mph is a LOT slower than most people realise, and a lot slower than people are going.

Unfortunately, there’s only three of us at present, covering the whole of this chunk of Derby, and I’m the only one from Chester Green.   Although I gather many volunteers had asked to be trained up, I understand we’re the only ones who’ve actually committed to do the work after training.  More volunteers who’re genuinely willing to get trained up and give a commitment (i.e. at least one SpeedWatch per month) would *really* help!

If you’re interested, please contact: PC Mudasar Ali, details on this webpage –

LCRA August Newsletter

You should all have paper copies of this by now, but here’s the electronic version in case you don’t!  It has lots of important details on Japanese Knotweed which has been found in the area, speed calming, the Big Toddle and other local news and dates 🙂

2015_08 News Letter

Here’s the link to the 1965 flood video contained in the newsletter too:

Dog Attack on Chester Green 13th June

We’ve just received this from the Community Parks Officer at the Council. Please keep a look out, and report if you see them!

Hello all,
I am forwarding you the below extract to make you aware of a recent dog attack in the Chester Green/Parkers Piece area of Darley. If you feel appropriate, please forward where you see fit. I have asked the Park Rangers to be vigilant of the dogs in question and hope to liaise with the Police in an effort to speak with the owner involved.

The last incident is the one we have reported to the police as it is the most serious. It has an incident number …… and was reported on 13/06/2015 to Tracey at the local police station. We have an officer coming to see us tomorrow (16/06/15).

……. was on Chester Green with his dog on the lead and a white staffie started running towards them both. ……. could see the owner in the distance. The staffie stopped short, walked slowly towards them and stood in front of them for some time. …….. was expecting the owner, a man in casual clothing/joggers/hoodie to call his dog back, but he didn’t. He also had another brown staffie which he bent down to and indicated should run and join the first – still standing in front of …… and his dog.

As soon as both dogs were together without warning both dogs attacked. This attack was witnessed by …….., who we know from the Church and lives on Chester Green Road. Sadly, but luckily at the same time, the incidents that his dog has previously been subjected to makes him quick to respond and he was a match for these dogs, but ……., who suffers from mental health problems has been traumatised by this last incident. He says he will never be able to get the picture out of his head. The owner of the staffies was in absolutely no rush to catch up with his dogs and let his dogs continue to attack his dog. …….. called to him to call his dogs off but he did not. It was only when his dog managed to get the upper hand and ……. came over to try and help that the owner decided to slowly walk over blowing a whistle and shouted that he would ‘thrash’ his dogs.
……. yelled at the man to get his dogs under control to which the man did not respond other than to advise he would thrash his dogs and he then walked towards the church WITHOUT putting his dogs on the lead.

We have heard several stories of a man with two aggressive staffies – one brown, one white – on the green and we feel this must be the same man. We’ve been advised they have attacked a labrador and also went for an akita, before the owner of this dog ,warned them off. To be honest I’d be really surprised if this man has not been reported to the police already, we’ll find out tomorrow.

We haven’t really noticed the times the dogs have been walked but I feel really strongly that this is a situation that is waiting to get worse. The man appears to be deliberately building aggression in his poor dogs and it will not end well, especially in an area where children play.

St. Paul’s Church Easter Newsletter

St.Paul’s News April 2015

The St. Paul’s Church newsletter for April can be found at the link below:
St. Paul’s News April 2015

This Sunday it is Soul Breakfast at 10am, brought forward as it is Easter the following weekend.  If you’ve never been to St. Paul’s (or church for that matter) before, the relaxed and friendly Soul Breakfast (held in the Church Hall) is a great place to come and see what goes on.  There’s a children’s craft table, and breakfast and tea/coffee/refreshments provided!

All are most welcome to our Easter events:

Good Friday 12noon – an Hour by the Cross – a contemplative service for Good Friday where we gather for an hour in the Prayer Chapel to reflect on the Cross of Christ.

Easter Sunday 10am – Easter Service with Communion

On the Saturday before Easter, 4th April, we celebrate the wedding of Amy Ankers and Joe Malik at St.Paul’s. We have also been reading the banns of James McGloin and Helen Lake who live in Chester Green and are getting married on 18th April in Gloucestershire. Our very best wishes go to both these couples.

Flood Defenses – More Details

Having attended the one of the public consultation events regarding the new flood defense proposals, I can state that changes are afoot in Chester Green.  An impressive amount of work has gone into these defences and comments are currently open on the planning application site for around another week (see neighbour comment link at the bottom of this page)

I’ve looked through the documents and although parking, tennis courts and the bowling green all move around, they have all been retained, and Little Chester gets more of a walled city feel, due to the new defences.  Well, it works for York…..;-)

Useful documents are linked below:

Good overviews and pictures can be found in the Design and Access docs:

More detailed drawings can also be found, which are useful for looking at where tennis courts etc. are moved to:

Also, there are some great details of the local archeology:

Have a look and let us, and the council, know what you think!

Flood Defence Plans and Public Info Sessions

The document containing much of the detail regarding the defences in Chester Green can be found here.

As many of you will be aware, a major redevelopment of the flood defences along the River Derwent have been in the pipeline for a number of years.  The plans are now in (all 268 documents!) which, if you fancy it, can be found here.  The Our City Our River team have been able to confirm arrangements for the following public planning application information sessions where members of the public can attend to view the plans and ask any questions regarding the planning application.  These are to held as follows:

· Saturday 14th March 2015 – Darley Abbey Village Hall, Abbey Yard – 1:00pm- 5:30pm
· Monday 16th March 2015 – Rm11 Council House, Corporation St., – 12:30pm- 5:30pm
· Tuesday 17th March 2015 – Haslams, Derby Rugby Club –- 2:00pm- 6:30pm
· Wednesday 18th March 2015 – Chester Green Methodist Church Hall, Mansfield St., – 2:00pm – 6:30pm
· Friday 20th March 2015 – Elvaston Village Hall –2:00pm – 6:30pm

The site notices for the planning application will also be posted in a range of locations along the scheme corridor later this week and the planning application ‘neighbour’ letters are in the latter stages of being prepared for posting; hopefully commencing later today or tomorrow.